Published on 08 June 2020

Call for young intern director applications

Want to boost your résumé and support your community’s socioeconomic development?

As a young intern director, you’ll have a say in the caisse’s direction while staying true to Desjardins’s mission, values and cooperative difference.

To submit your application

For the eligibility requirements, see the details here: Eligibility requirements

How do I apply? It is very simple.

1. Fill out each of the sections in the nomination form:CAND_Call for applications (French only)
2. Attach your resumé.
3. Send your documents to the secretary of your caisse’s board of directors
by email
in person or by mail:
Caisse Desjardins des employés en Télécommunication
340-1050 Beaver Hall Hill, Montreal, Québec H2Z 0A5